PCSS-MOUD Implementation

What is PCSS-MOUD Implementation?

PCSS-MOUD Implementation is a project within PCSS-MOUD that provides implementation technical assistance to healthcare organizations and providers for the use and/or expansion of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services, including medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD). SUD are chronic diseases that affect millions of Americans. MOUD is considered a best practice in the treatment of SUD, especially for patients with OUD. Research shows that the use of medications to treat SUDs improves clinical outcomes over behavioral treatment alone. Despite the known benefits, local healthcare teams are often unsure how to initiate the use and management of MOUD. PCSS-MOUD Implementation partners with clinical sites to develop tailored implementation of evidence-based practices in the prevention and treatment of SUD and OUD.


  1. Identify barriers to and resources for implementation of SUD services at clinical sites
  2. Deliver education on SUD and MOUD appropriate for all staff at every professional level
  3. Support the integration of SUD services into clinic workflow
  4. Increase the number of patients receiving evidence-based SUD services
  5. Develop a national, centralized portal of resources for implementation of SUD services

What will the PCSS-MOUD Implementation offer to participating clinical sites?

PCSS-MOUD Implementation facilitators are clinical and implementation experts in the prevention and treatment of SUD/OUD and delivery of MOUD. Facilitators will provide tailored TA to clinical site teams to support and guide implementation of SUD services: Specific components include:

  • Monthly meetings (in-person and/or conference call) with the clinical site team to provide tailored implementation TA.
  • Needs assessment to identify strengths and barriers to delivering evidence-based practices for SUD.
  • Access to the PCSS-MOUD Implementation digital resource library (e.g., screening tools, clinical guidelines, business models), including 4 one-hour “SUD 101” webinars to educate all clinic staff – from the receptionist to CEO.
  • Access to other PCSS-MOUD resources, including clinical mentorship.

What is expected of participating clinical sites?

There is no cost to participate. Health and/or mental health clinical sites will be asked to:

  • Identify at least one on-site “champion” (i.e., clinical or administrative point person)
  • Convene a multi-disciplinary implementation team (i.e., 3-6 participants, to include administrative and clinical staff, technicians, support staff, etc.) to participate in one monthly PCSS-MOUD Implementation one-hour meetings
  • Commit to participate for at least 6-months to enhance capacity to deliver SUD services

For more information & to request an application to participate: [email protected]