PCSS provides clinical coaching programs aimed at improving providers’ confidence and skills in preventing, identifying, and treating substance use disorders, opioid use disorder, and chronic pain.

The PCSS program is designed to assist providers in using evidence-based practices when prescribing opioids and the effective use of medications in treating OUD. The coaching program is available at no cost to health professionals. PCSS clinical coaches are a national network of trained clinicians with expertise in addiction and pain management. Clinical coaches provide support by telephone, email, or in person if logistically possible.

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A simple and direct way to receive an answer related to SUD, OUD, and the treatment of pain. Designed to provide a prompt response to clinical questions.

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“I wanted to compliment…my Mentor. I sent an email to him with a question…and within four hours I had not only his response but the input of four of his peers. This is a great service for those of us who are stretching the edges of what we would otherwise consider ‘comfortable.’”

– William Roberts, MD, Medical Director

PCSS is training and educating healthcare providers on evidence-based practices in preventing and treating OUD, including uses of medications in treating OUD, and the interface of pain and opioid prescribing.

This is not a program to offer medical advice about specific patients. Rather, this program is designed for experts to offer general information to clinicians about evidence-based clinical practices in prescribing medications for opioid use disorder. This resource program is one component of a large program of education and mentoring services for providers.