July 8, 2019

Direct providership by American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

Roger Chou, MD, FACP | Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University, and Director, Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center

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Module Description: Low back pain is extremely common and can be difficult to treat. Although opioids are frequently used to treat low back pain, evidence showing long-term benefits is limited and opioids are associated with important adverse effects. This module provides primary care physicians with an approach to using opioids in low back pain. Faculty will emphasize the need to consider using opioids within an overall pain management plan that: 1) addresses psychosocial contributors to pain; 2) recognizes that opioids are not first-line treatment for low back pain and may not be appropriate in all patients; 3) utilizes non-opioid treatments; and 4) routinely incorporates risk mitigation and reassessment strategies.