Over the last two years, PCSS clinical experts have been working with local champions and multi-disciplinary teams in five states (New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland) on implementing evidence-based practices and overcoming barriers to medication assisted treatment (MAT) within their system. PCSS has provided access to lessons learned as well as trainings and resources that were shared with each of the participating clinical sites to help support their overall implementation. Please reference the information below to also make use in your practice.

BMC OBAT Manual (nurse care manager model)
Business Plan for Integrating SUD into Primary Care
  1. Business Plan for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  2. Clark et al., 2011, The Evidence Doesn’t Justify Steps By State Medicaid Programs To Restrict Opioid Addiction Treatment With Bup: compared spending, services and mortality of 33,923 MA Medicaid beneficiaries receiving bup, methadone, drug-free tx, or no tx (2003-2007). Bup was associated with more services but $1330 lower mean annual spending than methadone. Mortality rates were similar for bup and methadone, but mortality was 75% higher among those receiving drug-free tx and more than twice as high as those receiving no treatment.
  3. Haddad et al., 2014, Bup Maintenance Treatment Retention Improves Preventive Primary Care Screenings when Integrated into Urban FQHCs: examined quality health indicators (screenings for HCV, HIV, STIs, breast cancer, etc.) from 9 FQHC of 266 OUD patients initiating buprenorphine (2007-2008). Achieving greater than 80% (recommended) of QHIs was positively and independently associated with 3 month or greater bup retention and bup prescription by PCP rather than addiction psychiatrist.
  4. National Council for Behavioral Health Training: Financing Factors for Implementing Medication Assisted Treatment
Clinic Workflow Model
Induction Models
Intake/Follow Up Templates (for modification)
PCSS Core Curriculum on Pain

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PCSS Mentor Program

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Peer Recovery Resources
Quality Improvement Indicator Worksheet (to monitor launch)
SBIRT Resources to Address Prevention and Early Intervention
SUD 101 Education Modules
SUD Screening Tools
Tapering Protocols
Waiver Training Information

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